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Royal Canadian Navy figures...dress 
uniform and ...
RCN figures
Royal Canadian Air Force dress 
uniform and air c...
RCAF figures
Canadian army figures...dress uniform 
and cadet
Canadian army figures...
Two standing male figures
Man 57
Two standing male figures
Man 56
US military figures
US troops 03
Figures for military briefing/class.
US troops 04
Military figures on patrol.
US troops 05
Military figures, various positions.
US troops 06

White fem 11
White figure optimised for "ghosting" an...
White fem 10

White fem 08

White fem 07
Male figure for poolside or beach
man 60
Doctor in white coat; can also double as scientist...
Small boy with balloons
kid 33
Man with hardhat and plans
A selection of Peacekeeper figures.
Man standing
Teenage boy on skateboard.

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