Gradient Background Effect 1 Style

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Description: Click on the preview image to open a larger version that better illustrates the effect. This .png file is intended to be used as a background watermark in the Styles feature of SketchUp 6. The greyscale image features an elliptical gradient that goes from transparent to black. To use it, turn on the 'create mask' option when inserting the image as a background watermark. Also apply 'stretch' and leave 'lock aspect ratio' unchecked. The watermark will then work in conjunction with SketchUp's sky & background colour settings to produce a gradient background effect. For the preview image the sky colour was orange and the background set to yellow. Whatever the colour combinations you use you'll find the result far more dramatic than SketchUp's regular gradient sky. You can adjust the watermark's blend to control the strength of the effect.
Author: Ross Macintosh
  watermark  background  styles  sky  gradient  mmms 

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