Putty Barcode™ Style

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This monochromatic style for SketchUp 6 applies a barcode-inspired background. It helps punch out the form of your model from the style's soothing monochrome putty tones.

In addition to the barcode background, the style applies a gradient overlay that balances the background. Note that because this style uses SketchUp's 'Monochrome' display mode, it won't display transparency. Also note the shadow settings are important in using this style to its best effect. For the preview image the shadow settings were Light: 50 & Dark: 30. It is also recommended that you create a face as a ground plane (rather than just turn on SketchUp's gradient ground) because a face will have more appealing shading effect.

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Author: Ross Macintosh
  style  clay  monochromatic  artsy  funky  tech  mmms 

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