Lonely Shadows™ Style

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This style for SketchUp 6 hides everything but the shadow. For it to work you must have shadow display turned on. In the preview image shadow settings were Light:100 & Dark:40.

The style can look quite artsy with some models but its real value is as a tool in producing renderings. Image exports featuring this style can be layered in PhotoShop etc. with more conventional line-only & colour-only SketchUp exports to produce interesting renderings. For instance, having a shadow-only layer facilitates options (in PhotoShop etc.) of rendering the shadows with a blueish or violet tone as is often seen in traditional media watercolours.

Note that because this style uses SketchUp's 'monochrome' display mode, it won't properly display components or images that use alpha transparency. So, for example, many FormFont trees may not display as expected in this style.
Author: Ross Macintosh
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