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Male Students in Regalia 10
Male Students in Regali...
Three elegant male waiters.
Male Waiters 10
Three elegant male waiters.
Male Waiters 20
Male Waiters 30
Male Waiters 30
Three different models of male students.
Students (male)
Two models of male disc jockeys
Male DJs
Sample of typical low-poly male 
figure. For eval...
Sample male
A selection of male doctors in white 
Male doctors
A doorman and a bell boy. To be used as a hotel st...
Male Waiters 40
Two boxers waiting the next round.
Male Boxing 10
Two boxers fighting. (separate models)
Male Boxing 20
Three TV journalists.
TV Journalists (male)...
Seated male figures
Seated males
Male nurse in scrubs, reading chart.
Nurse in scrubs
Two standing male figures
Man 57
Two standing male figures
Man 56
Two legless models of young male car drivers.
Car Driver 20
Two adult male truck drivers.
Truck Drivers 10...
Three models of young male 
Guitarists 10
This set contains three models of  
male elegant ...
Executives 10

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