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Man seated, texting on phone.
Man 127
Seated casual females. Chair included.  
Seat hei...
Fem 128
Business women seated. Chair 
included. Seat heig...
Fem 127
Woman standing with 
Fem 126
Bus shelters 8ft (2.4m) long and 
various depths.
Bus Shelters 2
Bus shelters 12ft / 3.7m long, varying 
Bus Shelters 1
Variations of Joshua trees (Yucca 
Joshua tree
Paris Armchair
Paris Armchair
Glenn Wine Bar
Glenn Wine Bar
Jagger Desk Chair
Jagger Desk Chair...
Hamptons Outdoor Daybed
Hamptons Outdoor Daybed...
Malone End Table
Malone End Table...
Smaller industrial grain/feed storage 
bin. Appro...
Storage Bin
Alessia BellArte Coffee Table
Alessia BellArte Coffee...
Warner Triple Arm Chandelier
Warner Triple Arm Chand...
Charleston Dining Set
Charleston Dining Set...
Taryn Buffet Lamp
Taryn Buffet Lamp...
Juliana Sofa
Juliana Sofa
Haverhill Rocking Chair
Haverhill Rocking Chair...
Light Rods LED Pendant
Light Rods LED Pendant...

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