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Four low poly bike riders.
Bike Riders Set A...
Model of a single adult men 
Men Fishing A
Single model of a men fly 
Men Fishing B
Two boxers waiting the next round.
Male Boxing 10
Two boxers fighting. (separate models)
Male Boxing 20
Two ring girls, in different poses.
Ring Girls
Football Players 10
Football Players 10...
Three models of disabled people.
Handicapped People 20...
Hipster People (men)
Hipster People 10...
Four people climbing, men and 
women, in differen...
Three handicapped figures.
Handicapped People 10...
Figures dressed for cold weather.
Winter People 1-4...
Four women dressed for winter
Winter People 5-8...
Two couples dancing.
People Dancing 10...
Fully mapped figures. They have the same number of...
Mapped People 1-4...
Asian People Set
Asian People Set...
Female yoga poses. Extended arms 
and legs
Yoga 2
Females in yoga positions. Upward 
facing dog pos...
Yoga 1
Teenage girl with sports bag
Male golfers
Male golfers 1-4...

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