one2one™ personal training fog TRIMBLE SketchUp™

Our goal is to improve your 3d skills.     Get help when you need it.

$60 U.S. / HALF HOUR
$100 U.S. / HOUR
how it works

Simply sign up and schedule a class through our calendar. You will receive an e-mail with a link to launch WebEx, the online training platform. When the date and time arrives for your session, click on the provided link. This will install a simple application connecting you to WebEx and the instructor.

WebEx allows the instructor and participant to share computer screens and talk via headset or phone. The instructor can demonstrate concepts while you watch on your screen. You can share your display asking questions or reviewing your TRIMBLE SketchUp™ models. You can call in via phone or use a headset for the consultation, all through WebEx.

Submit your consultation request while reserving a session. Daniel will prepare for your session in advance maximizing what you learn using SketchUp™ from TRIMBLE.

our trainer

Daniel Tal - Main Instructor

Daniel Tal, ASLA, is a landscape architect and TRIMBLE SketchUp™ Specialist. He has published TRIMBLE SketchUp™ For Site Design: A Guide to Site Plans, Terrain and Architecture.

Daniel has been instructing professionals and hobbyists in SketchUp™ for 8 years. He has taught and developed hundreds of course hours of material covering a wide range of topics related to SketchUp™ SketchUp related software and topics.

Daniel will guide you through SketchUp™ fundamentals to more advanced topics. From learning TRIMBLE SketchUp Basics, how to create detailed terrain models and rendering your SketchUp™ models for presentation.

Go here for more information about Daniel and TRIMBLE SketchUp™ training.

30 minutes US$ XX
  1 hour US$ XX
90 minutes US$ XX
Class Room Consultation

1:2:1 offers planned courses and direction for TRIMBLE SketchUp™ users. Whether you want to learn basics or terrain modeling, sign up for multiple sessions and hours. Daniel will create a lesson plan geared towards your learning objectives.

Consultation Topics

Customize your learning session or choose from a wide assortment of topics. Part of the service is an assessment of your TRIMBLE SketchUp™ skills and a review of tools to help you improve modeling and learn more complex techniques. Here are some topics you can choose from.

SketchUp™ Skill assessment
SketchUp™ Basics and fundamentals
Animations and animatronics
Architectural Modeling
CAD to SketchUp™ / SketchUp™ to CAD
Interior Design modeling
Organic modeling - creating irregular surfaces and objects
Photoreal rendering and visualization basics
Ruby Scripts and Custom tools review and installation
Sandbox Tools and conceptual grade and terrains.
Site and landscape modeling
Terrain modeling - creating digital elevation models
Obtaining and Using vegetation with your 3D models
Instructions on Shaderlight, SU Podium, Twilight and Render[in] rendering software

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