Stalins Fist 3D Model

Russia combines its Telsa technology with its heav....
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Description: Russia combines its Telsa technology with its heavy armor to create the ultimate in Soviet tank design: The Stalin's Fist. This large, uncrushable tank fires charged Tesla shells which create electrical discharge explosions on impact. While no match for the mighty Apocalypse tank shell in pure destructive power, this Tesla shell enjoys effectiveness against any and all ground targets.

But the real strength of the Stalin's Fist lies in the twin outboard bunkers mounted on its turret. Here a pair of infantry can take firing positions, adding their firepower to that of the tank itself. Fully manned, the Stalin's Fist is a nearly unstoppable juggernaut that will make Mother Russia's enemies tremble in fear.

Usage tips: 2D RTS games (such as Red Alert 2).

Design: Cannis Rabbidus (modified tank based on the Masstodont by Napalm).

Author: Coen Naninck
  russia  russian  soviet  tank  artillery  battle  war  rts  command conquer  ra2  red alert  red alert 2  cannis  cannisrules  rules  realtime strategy  real time  strategy  coffee 
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