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One of the many shapes of a "classic" ar...
Abolite Pendant
Slip off your Berkies and relax in a modern-styled...
Berkies and Chair...
Representational flowers in a pot.
Blooms in Vase
A decorative household item.
Bare of foilage
Winter Tree 1
Bare of foilage
Winter Tree 2
Dining chair by Korhonen
Chair, Korhonen
Dining chair by Korhonen
Chair, Korhonen
Of the Abies Pinaceae clan; 23 1/2 ft. high x 18 1...
Fir Tree
Keep the coyotes out... 20 ft. wide x 6 ft. high
Chainlink Fence
Classic task chair... as ergonomic as they came ba...
Architects Chair...
Of the kind generic
Beach Chair
KING size on frame with wenge wood headboard
Bed 01
Cyrus Company's KING size gauze-draped four-poster...
Eleoci Bed
A Berkshires classic; 31 1/4" w x 31 1/2"...
Adirondack Chair...
A deciduous tree; 30-35 ft. tall and as broad in s...
Cherry Tree
8" long generic squeeze tube
Squeeze Tube
A timeless leather pair of boots
Female Boots
KING size slat-wood bed
Bed 02
Teak slatwood pool lounger
Teak Lounge

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